ClanDonnell: A Storied History of Ireland
ClanDonnell is the epic story of Ireland told in a unique way - through the lives of the people in Celtic Ireland's McDonnell clan and their descendants into the 20th century. Because the first McDonnells were mercenaries often called to service in all corners of Ireland, the clan's history is intertwined with the history of the entire island.

Descendants of these McDonnell mercenaries included nobles and farmers, landlords and peasants, soldiers and poets, coffin ship victims and survivors, Protestants and Catholics, constables and revolutionaries. Some immigrated to North America and others fought in foreign armies. Many were killed or had land confiscated by the English. Still others adapted well to British Ireland. Collectively, the stories of these McDonnells during critical periods in Irish history tell the story of Ireland.

More than 640 strategically placed images combined with crisp, witty writing make Ireland comprehensible to the non-historian. By the end of ClanDonnell, readers will understand more about Irish history (and more than a wee bit of Irish language and culture) than they likely ever thought possible from a single source.

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The 20th Annual ABQ Folk Festival at the Balloon Fiesta Museum

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ClanDonnell wins first place in the Reviewers' Choice Book Awards!

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IndieReader published its review of ClanDonnell, and the book earned 4 1/2 Stars (on a 5 Star scale) and an "IndieReader Approved" rating!

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Reader Views and BlogCritics reviewed ClanDonnell and gave it 5 Stars on a 5 Star Scale!

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ClanDonnell Wins First Place in the 2014 Beverly Hills Book Awards!!!

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Portland Book Review calls ClanDonnell “An Absorbing History and Story” and gives it 4 ½ stars out of a possible 5.

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ClanDonnell "is a treasure trove of information" and "tells Ireland's history through an unique lens"

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And also starring ClanDonnell – at least on July 24th!

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Celtic Life interviews ClanDonnell author.

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Ireland Calling showcases ClanDonnell

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ClanDonnell is a Finalist in the 2014 New Generation Indie Book Awards, in the Historical Non-Fiction category.

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A celebration of heritage: Author to tell Irish stories at the Aztec Highland Games and Celtic Festival

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Storytelling thrives at Irish Music Festival

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ClanDonnell tries to be Live most of the time. But it will most assuredly be Live at 9. UPDATE: Here is a link to the Live at 9 interview.

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Labor Day Weekend, 2018

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We spent two hours on the Odd Hours program on KRFC, Fort Collins community radio. It was, indeed, an odd couple of hours.

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The North Coast News ran another feature on ClanDonnell on the eve of the annual Irish Music Festival.