Worst In-Law Ever

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Worst In-Laws Ever
The drowning of Somhairle McDonnell

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Somhairle McDonnell married the daughter of Brian McMahon in 1365. Somhairle (pronounced SOAR-leh) drank too much wine at the wedding and passed out. Brian bound Somhairle's hands and feet, took him to a nearby lake, and threw him in. Both drunk and shackled, Somhairle drown. Brian's daughter became a bride and a widow on the same day.

It took considerable detective work, but I figured out the lake. It is in County Monaghan, Ireland, and shown in the photo. The photograph was taken by David McDonnell. Somewhere on the bottom lie the remains of Somhairle McDonnell.

Spoiler Alert: The McDonnell clan exacted its revenge years later. Drownings were involved.