Mo Gile Mear

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Mo Gile Mear

Sean Clarach McDonnell (1691- 1754) was one of Ireland's premier poets in the early 18th century. One of his poems was put to music and is still performed today. It is Mo Gile Mear (pronounced 'Mow Geh-lay Mahr'), or 'My Gallant Darling'. It is a lament for Bonnie Prince Charles and his failed attempt to gain the British throne. Charlie, frankly, was not worthy of such a lament.

Here is the version by Sting and the Chieftans: click here to hear Sting and the Chieftans

And a melodic version by Mary Black: click here to hear Mary Black

And yet another performed for Highland Sessions features Mary Black, Karan Casey, Karen Matheson, Iarla O'Lionaird, Mary Ann Kennedy and Allan MacDonald - six of the best voices in Ireland and Scotland. click here to hear Highland Sessions