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Dublin's Mutefish
Not too many people outside of Dublin know what a mutefish is.

Give up? It's a band and one of my favorites.

One will often find them playing on Grafton Street in Dublin, and that is where I first heard them. They were so good, I bought the band's CD and downloaded it to my IPod.

There is a definite Irish, Celtic orientation to the sound, but the musicians are not all from Ireland. Countries represented include Poland, Lituania, and Ukraine.

The band's only CD, On Draught, was released in 2010. Another is on the way. The website,, is still under construction as well. You can like and share them on this Facebook site.

The photograph at the top of the page was taken by Linda McDonnell on Grafton Street, Dublin.

ClanDonnell is putting together a video, and we need some music to along with the visuals. We've chosen Mutefish!