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ClanDonnell is not perfect.
Although it is close.

I lost count of the number of times I proof read ClanDonnell. It was also proof read by a content editor, copy editor, and layout editor, and again by me after each round of editing. I was positive, after all of this, that the book was error free.

I was wrong. I did indeed find a few errors since publication. These will be corrected for the second printing and before ClanDonnell comes out on e-book. In the meantime, here are the corrections (and hopefully I will not have to add to the list very often).

Page 218: In the first box of the chart, “Alexander Mor” should be “Angus Mor”.

Page 554: The year “1843” in the caption of the second illustration is probably incorrect, since it is a Hunger-era illustration (1846-1850). I need to check my notes to find the correct year.

Page 902: “” should be “”.

Page 903: “” should be “”

Page 918: “” should be “”.

Page 925: “Rarely does an evening goes by …” should be “Rarely does an evening go by …”.

I cited many websites in the Sources and Acknowledgements section. Unfortunately, websites come and go. Websites which existed when I researched and wrote the book may not be around when the reader wishes to consult them. There is not much I can do about that. But if you discover a “dead” website, let me know and I might (or might not) make the correction.

I did make a special acknowledgement (on page 922) to, since they were gracious enough to grant me permission to use a few images. This website no longer exists.