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From time to time, I will post some of my other writings here, either in full or with a link to other websites.

I've reviewed a few books for Reader Views, and here are some links.

The Regrets of Cyrus Dodd, by Bette Lee Crosby.

My Journey Through War and Peace, by Melissa Burch.

Orchids of War, by Denise Frisino.

From Hill Town To Strieby, by Margo Lee Williams.

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You can see me listed on the “Our Team” page of the Reader Views website.

I was an editor and reporter for my high school newspaper (the "Blue & White"), and I found some of the old papers while cleaning up. I scanned them before I threw them away, and you can see some of them here. Go to Blue & White page.

I wrote a few articles for The Antrim County News a few years ago, when a friend was the editor. Here are some of them. Go to Antrim County News.