From Elm Creek to Handorf

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A Family History
The World War II Story of Chester E. Boyd

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From Elm Creek to Handorf is the story of Private Chester E. Boyd and his experiences in World War II. Chet was my father-in-law and I wrote this story as a Christmas gift for my wife in 2005.

It tells of Chet’s journey and experiences, from his home town of Elm Creek, Nebraska, to training at various sites within the U.S., and then to Wales, England, France, Belgium, Germany, and, perhaps, Austria.

The story is in 16 chapters, and it’s on four different pdf files. The first file is on the link above. It includes

I Introduction
II Induction and Basic Training
III Antiaircraft Artillery Battalions, Weapons & Equipment
IV Heavy Machine Gun Training

Chester E. Boyd is in the top right photo. Below that is a photo of Chet with his parents, taken during their visit at Fort Bliss, Texas.

For the remaining chapters, Go to From Elm Creek to Handorf page 2.