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Preface to ClanDonnell

History for the Non-historian

This book is a history, but not for the historian. I avoided footnotes and references in order to help the story flow. (fn1) You won't see too many charts and graphs either. You will see some facts, but I buried them in with the stories. Nevertheless, the factual statements I make are well documented.

In my research, I reviewed Irish annals and chronicles, some of which were written well over a thousand years ago, as well as sources, texts, and histories written centuries ago. I lost track of the hours I spent looking through archives, newspaper clippings, and manuscripts. Some of these were written in the Gaelic language of the Irish and others in English. Some of the English was written in hard-to-decipher Olde English. There was little consistency in spelling or in references to historical figures. Sorting this out was an arduous task.

You don't have to trust me on the accuracy of the information. I described the many sources in a readable section in the back. You are welcome to read these and check my facts. I will warn you, though. These old histories of Ireland can be extremely boring as well as confusing. I am a certifiable history nut and I still had a difficult time with some of this old data. I found great bits of information buried within footnotes. I also connected a lot of dots, with tidbits from one reference and another pieced together to figure out what really happened. I don't think some of these dots had ever been connected before.

1. This is a footnote. I put this footnote here to see if you would bother to read it. I promise not to add any more footnotes, and I mean it.

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