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ClanDonnell Table of Contents

History for the Non-Historian * A Wee Overview

Part One: The Celts and ClanDonnell
Chapter 1 Ireland and the Celts
The Year 1626 * Before the Celts * The Celts * The Celts in the British Isles * The Celtic Culture in Ireland * The Four Invasions
Chapter 2 The McDonnell Clan of Thomond
Brian Boru* The Vikings * Donnell the Shorthand * The Origination of Family Names * Donnell in Gaelic * The First McDonnells * Bards to the O'Brians * Connor's Banishment to Connaught * Picking Kings and Clan Chiefs * The McDonnells of the Dalcais * The Thomond Genealogy
Chapter 3 The McDonalds of Scotland
The Dal Riata Scots * Clan Donald Genealogy * The McDonald Name * Clans and Lands * Clan Donald of Scotland * Bannockburn * Angus Og and John * From Dohmnaill to Donald and John
Chapter 4 The McDonnells of the Glens
The McDonnell Clan of Antrim * Mad Richard * Scottish Intrigues * The Fall of Clan Donald of Scotland * The Glens of Antrim * The Redshanks and Gallowglass
Chapter 5 The McDonnells of Antrim (Part 1)
The English and the Protestants * Alexander McDonnell and Sons * Donald Dubh McDonald * Irish 'Middle' Names * McDonnell Brothers * Colla McDonnell, His Bride, and His Sons
Chapter 6 The McDonnells of Antrim (Part 2)
The Triangular Prelude to War * The O'Neill War * The McDonnell War with England
Chapter 7 The Gallowglass Clan of Ulster
The Sons of Alexander McDonald * The McDonnell Clan of Ulster * More on the Ulster Clan * The End of the McDonnell Clan of Ulster
Chapter 8 The Gallowglass Clans of Connaught
From Lord of the Isles to County Mayo * The McDonnell Clans of Mayo * The Abbot * The Mayo Septs * English Power and Irish Rebellions
Chapter 9 Rebellion, Invasion, and Armada
The Rebellions in County Mayo * Ballykine * The Burkes, the McDonnells, and Ashford Castle * The Antrim McDonnell's Invasion of Connaught * The Spanish Armada * The Spanish and Connaught * The End of Rebellion
Chapter 10 The Gallowglass Clan of the Pale
Irish Clan Warfare * In and Around the Pale * The McDonnell Clan of Leinster * The Leinster Genealogy and Alternatives
Chapter 11 Still More McDonnells
Clan Kelly of Fermanagh * From Colla to Kelly * DNA Projects and More Weird Science * The McDonnells of Fermanagh * Extinction and Daughtering Out * The Freckled and the Killer Son of a Bishop

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