Table of Contents 2

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ClanDonnell Table of Contents

Part Two: The End of the Clans

Chapter 12 The End of the Beginning
The End of the Clan Era * The Glimmer of Irish Patriotism * Francisco de Cuellar
Chapter 13 Antrim McDonnells: The Next Generation
The Loss of Dunnyveg * The Children of James and Alice * Colla the Pirate * The Progeny of Sorley Boy
Chapter 14 Flying Earls
Ineen, Agnes, and Redshanks * The O'Donnells and McDonnells * The Nine or Ten Years War * Kinsale, Spain and Flying Earls * Scorched Earth and Mere Irish * Antrim Earls * The Cost of Jilting a Bride * From James and Randal * The Leinster Clan in Rebellion
Chapter 15 Lands and Wars
The Wars of the British Isles * The Irish Befuddlement * Confiscations and Plantations * Fermanagh * Munster * The Changing Ulster * Leinster
Chapter 16 Falcons, Mayos, and Rebellions
The Falcons of County Antrim * The Landed Gentry of Mayo * The Ulster Rebellion * The English Civil War and the Scottish Invasion of Ulster
Chapter 17 Mac Colla and Montrose
Scotland's Covenant War * The One-Year Campaign * Philliphaugh * The Philliphaugh Camp Followers * Colla and Mac Colla * A Sonnet, a Legend and Many Songs
Chapter 18 Confederates, Cromwell, and Confiscations
The Confederates War * Cromwell's Invasion * Still More Confiscations
Chapter 19 Jacobites and Flying Geese
Jacobites and Williamites * The War of Two Kings * King William and Boyne * Athlone and Aughrim * Limerick and Flying Wild Geese * Clan Donald and Glencoe
Chapter 20 Wild Geese and Other Exiles
The McDonnells and the Wild Geese * The Austrian McDonnells * The American Revolution * The McDonnells of Moye * Daniel, Reynaldo, Enrique, and More * Exiles and Emigrants
Chapter 21 Century of No History
History, No History, and the What Ifs * The Antrim McDonnells * Alexander and the Goddess of Chess * The McDonnell Clan Remnants * The Mayo McDonnells * The Catholics * The Protestants * Jacksons, Hutchisons, and Boyds * Peerage and Status * 15, 45 and 98 * Landlords and Oligarchy
Chapter 22 Independence Flirtation
Revolution in Ireland and Abroad * Martial Law * The 98 * Humbert and the Year of the French * James Joseph McDonnell * The Murder of Patrick Randal McDonnell * Union with Great Britain
Chapter 23 Keeping Track of the Irish<
Immigration and Emigration * Pender, Petty and Down * Census and Dispersion * Leading into the Hunger

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