Random Internet Book Sites

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The No-Inventory Internet BookStores

We don't if any of these sites has any book at all in inventory. We guess they employ some sort of sweep function and grab book listings from other sites. Some of them do a bit of price comparisons so that, supposedly, they'll find you the best price. Then you can add the book to your cart and buy the book.

At that point, we suspect, they'll contact us to ship a book.

In the meantime, shop away. Here are some of these sites. There are probably more, but these are the sites we know about.

ClanDonnell on Tower Books.

ClanDonnell on BooksPrice.com.

We don't know if we like being listed as a discount book, but no one asked us. ClanDonnell is now listed on alldiscountbooks. Click here for alldiscountbooks.net, then type 'ClanDonnell' in the search box, and you will find us there - perhaps at a discount price!

Here's another one we recently found. ClanDonnell is available at Valore Books Valore Books, 'the student's marketplace', as a genealogy and heraldry textbook. Surprise to us.

We're also at Booklikes.com