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Features on ClanDonnell
Read these features on ClanDonnell and author David McDonnell

Irish American News and Irish American News Ohio each feature the release of ClanDonnell.

And so does Elk Rapids News

The Elk Rapids News feature has been archived, but you can view the article here. Go to Elk Rapids News feature

Electric Scotland is a wonderful source of information about, well, Scotland. It accurately describes itself as "a very large site about the history of Scotland, the Scots and Scots-Irish and people and places around the world of Scottish descent." I've consulted it many, many times.

I said 'thank you' to Electric Scotland, and it said 'your welcome' by publishing the release of ClanDonnell in its newsletter. Now I say 'thank you' for its 'your welcome'.

Visit Electric Scotland and its Facebook page.

Elk Rapids Life monthly magazine featured ClanDonnell in its January 2014 issue. Check it out here.
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