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Ocean Shores, Washington
Storytelling thrives at Irish Music Festival

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The North Coast News of Ocean Shores, Washington, featured ClanDonnell in its preview of the Irish Music Festival, under the headline "Storytelling thrives at Irish Music Festival".

The complete article is at this link at The North Coast News. You can also click the pdf link above.

Here's the article, by Angelo Bruscas of The North Coast News:

"Starting its second decade as one of the most eclectic music festivals in the Northwest, the 11th annual Galway Bay Irish Music Festival is not just about the music.

It is as much a cultural celebration, rich in oral history with modern interpretations, while many of the tunes, lyrics, dances and traditions trace back through generations.

In addition to the 30 assembled musical performers appearing for this year's festival, Irish author David McDonnell will be telling stories as part of a book tour with the theme, "Get in touch with your Irish Roots."

"Storytelling is an old Celtic custom. It was certainly a major focus on festivals and celebrations when a story teller would come to a village and weave different tales. For a thousand years, it was how people learned of their past and their heroes and history," McDonnell said in an interview on Friday. "I think that's a reason why there are such wonderful, wonderful Irish writers."

The jovial Irishman in his 60s tries to do his part, he says, by just "getting in front of people and telling a story."

During this week's festival, McDonnell will be telling stories from his new book, "ClanDonnell: A Storied History of Ireland," which has received three recent national book awards and accolades from readers and reviewers. The book is a collection of stories of an Irish clan, which McDonnell began to research from his home in northern Michigan, eventually leading him to travels through Ireland.

"I had always collected stories of the clan, and it turned out that I had a book here. The more I researched one story, that led me to another and then another," he said.

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