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Ocean Shores, Washington
The North Coast News ran another feature on ClanDonnell on the eve of the annual Irish Music Festival.

Here is a link to the article in North Coast News.

And here is the full article:

Story-teller Historian McDonnell Returns to Celtic Music Fest
By Scott D. Johnson

“Irish storyteller David McDonnell makes his third Grays Harbor appearance next Tuesday through Sunday, Oct. 18-23, at the 13th Annual Celtic Music Feis, or Festival, in Ocean Shores. An award-winning author, he will do seven storytelling sessions and two workshops at Galway Bay Irish Pub and the Ocean Shores Convention Center. He appears, along with more than 30 musical groups and artists and two dance groups, at the event that has become the largest Irish music festival on the West Coast.

McDonnell performs “An Hour of Irish Storytelling”, during which he shares some humorous, adventurous and occasionally touching stories, mixed in with a bit of Irish history. He is uniquely qualified to discuss that subject, having extensively researched and authored a 900-page non-fiction book, ‘ClanDonnell: A Storied History of Ireland’. The book has been praised as ‘a life’s work’ and described as a ‘personal journey through Irish history ‘ written in an inviting and entertaining style that is much more oral history than dry academic reporting.

The affable Irish-American was born in Detroit and has lived almost his entire life in Michigan. While enjoying a 30-year career as an attorney, he also pursued a passion for history, and began collecting stories of his family, the McDonnells.

“I’ve always felt a connection to history - what it is about our past that makes us who and what we are now,” McDonnell explained. “How did people live and what did they believe? How did these facts shape how we live and think today? On a more personal and specific level, why was I born an American and how did I end up with the last name ‘McDonnell’? These questions led me on a crusade to learn more about Ireland and the history of the Irish people.”

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