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Reno’s Burning Man Hostel

I’m pretty sure I will never attend the Burning Man event. It’s a week in the desert with a whole lot of debauchery. It’s an anything goes cultural event, which is OK by me. I’m just not sure it is for me.

You might get a feel of the event from the Burning Man website. I, though, discovered everything I wanted to know by perusing the 2018 program. It contained 191 pages with short listing of scheduled events.

An awful lot of the programs dealt with meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, dancing and massage.

Many of the others were off-the-chart risqué. Here are some of the program titles - I won’t give you the entire descriptions, just the titles, which require only a modest amount of imagination:

The Beaver Dome
Naughty Nude Portraits
Anonymous Naked Yearbook
Interactive Spanking Extravaganza
Gender Fluids
The Orgy Dome Open Play Hours
Radical Intimacy
Get Married by Robot Elvis
Pussy Day Spa
Tea and Porn
Welding in the Nude
Kinky Sex – An Intro to BDSM (I have to confess, I don’t know what BDSM is)
No Tell Motel (it’s in the air conditioned love yurt)
Bondage 101

I will give you one complete description, though, for The Orgy Dome Open Play Hours, from 1:00 pm to 1:00 am, Monday to Saturday:

Open to couples and moresomes of all orientations til sunrise. Practice enthusiastic consent in the air conditioning. Just us and open sections. Bring a towel.

May 26, 2019