Chesapeake Bay Tour

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Gigs Around The Watershed
Gigs Around The Watershed We billed this 10 day tour as part of the Buy The Horse A Guinness Tour. But we should have called this portion the Chesapeake Bay Tour.

We went around the bay once, circling from Virginia’s eastern shore to Newark, Delaware, then through Maryland back into Virginia. We also went over the bay once, across the bridge in Annapolis, Maryland. Indeed, we spent the entire time within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Here are some highlights:

We spent a day in Sykesville, Maryland, a town which, I must admit, I had never heard of before. But it was delightful and historic.

Historic Home
An “atypical” home in Sykesville.

We drove through, but didn’t stay, in Washington, D.C. The only reason we didn’t stay was that no one hired us to do a gig there.

All photographs by Linda McDonnell

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