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Gigs Around The Watershed

The top right image is something you don’t see often in the Midwest. It is from a placemat at the Sage Diner in Onley, Virginia. It’s a great diner, by the way. Many diners have placemats filled with ads from local business establishments. But this one included an ad from a house mover. The company can not only move your house, it can raise it up above the flooding. We don’t need this service much in Michigan. But evidently on Virginia’s eastern shore, folks needed to be reminded of this when they are eating breakfast at the local diner.

We spent a day and night in Ocean City, Maryland, and of course had to eat some crabs. We were there in the off season, and many spots were still closed. Higgins Crab House was open and the crabs were delicious.

Later we walked the dogs along the ocean shore.

And for some reason or another, someone was transporting a classic DeSoto. Probably made in Detroit.


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