St. Patrick's Day Houston

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Houston's St. Patrick's Day Parade
Houston is hosting its 55th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, and ClanDonnell was almost in it!

The event is sponsored by the Houston St. Patrick's Day Parade Commission. With a name like that, it doesn't sound like the commission does much multitasking. But focusing on a one thing is not so bad. The parade has become a Houston tradition and loads of fun.

The parade starts at noon on Saturday, March 15th, at the clock tower on Texas Avenue. It ends at 2:00 p.m. at Lucky's Pub. If it were me, I'd start the parade at the pub, but that's just me.

This year's parade salutes Houston's first responders, a group of people deserving a salute in any parade. The parade folk are working on other details and they'll be added here.

Here's the link to the Houston St. Patrick's Day Parade. And here's a link to a YouTube Houston St. Patrick's Day Parade video. The photo of the float is from last year's parade.

ClanDonnell hasn't decorated a float or doesn't own a green car. It does not have a marching band or bagpipes. No one associated with ClanDonnell has ever worn a leprechaun costume.

So what in the world with ClanDonnell do in the St. Patrick's Day Parade? We haven't a clue, but we would have come up with something.

Unfortunately, we were unable to book other follow-up events in Houston. Plus, we were invited to Little Rock's St. Patrick's Day Parade. So we are passing up Houston for Little Rock!