Iowa Hawkeye Tour

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ClanDonnell Iowa Hawkeye Tour

The main target is the Iowa Irish Fest in Waterloo. It's August 1, 2 and 3. One of my favorite bands, Gaelic Storm, will be there. We will be there too!

Visit Iowa Irish Fest

If we can book a few more events in Iowa, we'll launch the ClanDonnell Iowa Hawkeye Tour.

Why would we call it the "Hawkeye" tour? Because that's what they call themselves out there.

Why do they call themselves "Hawkeyes". A newspaper publisher and a judge came up with the name back when Iowa was a mere territory. They wanted to honor Black Hawk, a Sauk tribal war chief. They were also fans of James Fenimore Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans and of Hawkeye, the story's hero. This, at least, is the theory as to why Iowans are Hawkeyes.

Why is the State of Iowa called "Iowa"? The state was named after the Iowa River, and the river was named after a Native-American tribe in the region. The tribal name was Ayuxwa, which the French spelled as Ayoua, and the English later spelled Ioway. I don't know why they dropped the 'y' at the end. I kinda like it.

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