Seattle Scottish Highland Games

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Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games & Clan Gatherings
If you are a member of ClanDonnell and it is July 26 or 27, 2014, where should you be?

There is only one answer. Enumclaw, Washington.

That's the site of the Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gatherings, held annually in the Pacific Northwest. And that is where ClanDonnell will be.

We'll be the guests of ClanDonald USA. We'll have our own booth in the ClanDonald tent.
By the way, don't be confused by the differences in name spellings - McDonald vs. McDonnell. We know of a book which will explain the differences and explain why the difference doesn't mean anything. Both names come from the same Gaelic source - MacDoṁnaill.

We'll also be telling children's stories at the Isle of the Wee Bairns. Can't wait!

The games will be at the Expo Center. Here are some links:

Seattle Scottish Highland Games Association

Opening Ceremonies Video from 2009

The Wicked Tinkers

ClanDonald USA Pacific Northwest

We'll be in Enumclaw for the games and gathering, as part of the ClanDonnell Seahawkeye Book Tour.