Shawn O'Donnell's

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American Grill & Irish Pub
ClanDonnell will visit Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill & Irish Pub in Washington.

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Shawn O'Donnell has an establishment in Seattle and in Everett. ClanDonnell will be at one or the other, and perhaps both. (Who knows?)

We not sure yet what we are going to do, but we suspect it will involve story-telling and Ireland. We'll keep you posted.

I'll make sure to ask Shawn why his place is an American restaurant and an Irish pub. Why not Irish restaurant and American pub? I think I know the answer, but I want to hear it from him.

By the by, McDonnell and O'Donnell are names from two different clans. If you come to Shawn O'Donnell's while we are there, we'll explain.

Visit Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill & Irish Pub.

Click the pdf link above for the event flyer.

The two photographs are by Linda McDonnell, taken at the event.