Irish Fest Kalamazoo

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Featuring ClanDonnell Photography
Sponsored by the Irish American Club of Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo will host the 14th annual Irish Fest on June 27th and 28th. The festival will be at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place, Friday 4:30 pm to midnight and Saturday 10:30 am to midnight.

Mr. ClanDonnell won't be there - he'll be in Ohio weaving an Irish tale or two. But Mrs. ClanDonnell will be in Kalamazoo - weaving her own tales plus sharing her photography of Ireland.

We'll post festival details as we learn of them.

Visit Irish Fest Kalamazoo.

Thanks to Battle Creek Enquirer for publicizing the event. Here's the link, headlined Photographer Linda McDonnell at Kalamazoo Irish Fest.

Michigan Irish festivals are not complete without Liam the Giant Leprechaun. Visit his website at this link.