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We did a book signing at Horizon Books in downtown Traverse City on January 11th.

We came back on March 1st. We sat around the fireplace and told stories of Ireland. Patrons pitched in and told their stories as well. It was more than a 'meet the author' or 'book signing', and we had great fun sharing our Irish.

Here's how Horizon Books described the ClanDonnell story-telling event.

We're coming back to Horizon Books on Saturday, June 21, from noon to 2:00 pm. We're billing this as "Why Did the Irish Leave Ireland"?

Ireland is such a wonderful place, it's difficult to believe that anyone would ever want to leave. But leave the Irish did, in huge numbers. We'll talk about why at Horizon Books.

Here's Horizon Books' description of the event.

Thanks to the Traverse Ticker for publicizing the event. For reasons known only to the internet, the event is also posted by the Ticker here, and by the Ticker here.

Also thanks to UpNorthLive and to Northern Express for their publicity.

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