Off The Beaten Path

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Farmington's Best Book Store
ClanDonnell returns to Farmington after a many-decade absence.

Farmington is a small suburban community now dwarfed by its larger neighbor, Farmington Hills. Farmington's primary claim-to-notoriety is that ClanDonnell went to high school there - a 1968 graduate of Farmington High School.

ClanDonnell left Farmington for Ann Arbor and the University and never looked back. Which is a good thing, since he was banned from the community in response to his rebellious high school days.

We think the statute of limitations has expired, and are going back to Farmington. And only one thing could bring us back - an invitation from Off The Beaten Path Books & Emporium.

We'll be there on Tuesday, September 23rd, at 7:00 pm to discuss the book and tell a few Irish tales. We'll be in the back room on stage, and tea and snacks will be available for purchase from Off The Beaten Path.

Visit Off The Beaten Path.

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