Milwaukee Irish Fest

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Today's Jeopardy Question
Answer: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Question: Where is the planet's largest celebration of Irish culture held?

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Milwaukee has hosted an annual Irish festival for over 30 years, and the festival seems to get bigger and better every year. The 2014 festival in August will have 17 stages, 250 acts, and something like 130,000 patrons. That is more people than can fit inside Michigan Stadium on a Saturday afternoon!

The festival is in the Henry Maier Festival Park on Lake Michigan near downtowns Milwaukee. The dates are August 14th to 17th.

Festival attractions include Irish music and dance, clan reunions, sports (including hurling), Jameson's whiskey tastings, and, I suspect, plenty of Guinness.

This year's festival will also include the Brian Boru millennium celebration. Brian was a king of the ancient kingdom of Thomond and of the Munster province, and became the high king of Ireland. The millennium celebrates the Battle of Clontarf, fought in 1014. Brian's army won the battle, but Brian did not survive.

The festival includes three special features in the Cultural Village. These are special because ClanDonnell is included!

The Hedge School offers a series of lectures by leading authorities in Irish history, literature and culture. ClanDonnell has the stage on Saturday at noon.

The Literary Corner will offer a wide variety of Irish, Irish-American and children's books. ClanDonnell will be one of them. The Literary Corner is sponsored by Little Read Book of Wauwatosa, which will handle the book sales (leaving ClanDonnell time to spend in the Jameson's tent).

The Autograph Tree is extra special. Ireland has its own Autograph Tree. It's in the garden at Coole Park in County Galway. William Butler Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, and many, many others, sat under the tree and shared their writings. The Autograph Tree is featured in 'A Wee Blog', at this link.

Milwaukee has its own Autograph Tree. And ClanDonnell will be there during the festival, pretending to be William Butler Yeats.

Visit the Milwaukee Irish Fest and check out the Cultural Village page.

Also, click on the pdf link above for the Hedge School schedule.

Thanks to Cub Radio for publicizing ClanDonnell's participation in the festival.