Multiple Ways to Cross the Lake

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Over, On or Around

We've usually headed for points west by driving around Lake Michigan. The debate is whether to go the northern route - across the Mackinac Bridge, through Michigan's Upper Peninsula, then into Wisconsin - or the southern route through Chicago.

This time we went on Lake Michigan. We took the Lake Express ferry from Muskegon to Milwaukee. It only took a few hours and was quite relaxing. Being somewhat challenged in the planning department, we did not have reservations and went standby. Our car was the last one loaded on the ferry.


We hung out with some pilots at the Hyatt Regency (mainly, its pub) and at the festival. One Marine and the rest Navy pilots. They were on a training exercise, taking off and landing at various civilian airports. They flew from Traverse City, Michigan to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In two-man fighter jets, I suspect they crossed the lake in a matter of seconds.