Rio Grande Valley Update

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Wonderful ABQ Festival
The best part of any festival is the people - making new friends and seeing some old ones again.

Author Albert Noyer was there, selling his books in the booth near that of ClanDonnell. Al's written a bevy of books, three of which are shown on the photo on the right. You can check out some of his work at his website.

We also hung out with Ray Alexander in the ClanDonald New Mexico tent. Ray is, per his calling card, a "civil engineer, gold prospector and soldier of fortune". Visit the Facebook page of ClanDonald's Rocky Mountain division.

Our booth was next to that of the Grand Lodge of New Mexico, and we partied with a number of the Mason brothers. One of them was a balloon pilot and co-owner of the Bonnie Blue. We might even hop aboard during the Balloon Fiesta in October!

Bonnie Blue