Colorado Fenians

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The Colorado Fenians Hurling Club will be at the Rocky Mountain Irish Fest. According to the schedule, they will be playing all day every day. Unless the schedule is revised, the players will be extremely tired dudes.

For the uninitiated, the festival will include an introduction to the sport of hurling on Friday evening. The Fenians needed someone to put the sport in its historical perspective. And the Fenians were foolish enough to choose ClanDonnell.

We'll be telling a story from ancient Ireland's Mythological Cycle about a match a few millennia ago. It didn't go well for the players. I'd tell you more, but that is reserved for those in attendance Friday night.

Checkout the Colorado Fenians, and like and share them on Facebook. If you'd prefer, you could like and share them on this Facebook site. Why they have two Facebook pages, I may never know.

The Fenians promised me a dram or two of Irish whiskey on Friday night. Maybe I'll solve the Facebook mystery then.