KRFC Ft. Collins Radio

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3 Hours on Community Radio
We spent two hours on the Odd Hours program on KRFC, Fort Collins community radio. It was, indeed, an odd couple of hours.

Mutt, Tobias and Dave took turns telling stories, in between an interesting playlist of songs. I don’t know about the other two (or, for that matter, community radio listeners), but Dave had a great time.

The three hours are (or will be) available on Podcast. We have the first two hours on flash drive, and will someday get the third. We’ll revised this posting as soon as the entire bit has been Podcast.

Fort Collins community radio is at this KRFC 88.9 FM.

Odd Hours is at this link and at Facebook.

KRFC Odd Hours

We edited out the music to make the video shorter, plus made the videos in multiple parts. Here is Part 1.

And here is Part 2. We’re afraid Part 3 may be lost in radioland forever.

Photographs by Linda McDonnell.