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Another guy in the group, per his own resume, dabbled in science in school before deciding to major in jazz guitar. Now he is a Sasquatch researcher and writer. His writings have been extensively published on his own blog. I'm not sure if he's been published anywhere else.

The third guy in the group is nicknamed Bobo. His expertise is making Sasquatch sounds � he can call them in woods. Since no one in the real world has heard a Sasquatch in the woods, no one can challenge Bobo's skills.

The fourth member of the group is a woman who actually is a biologist and a trained field researcher. The other 3 make fun of her because she is a skeptic and has never really seen nor heard a Sasquatch. So what does she know?

I think the show is a hoot, and should be on Comedy Central, or a fantasy network, instead of on Animal Planet.

But there is a difference between a Sasquatch and a leprechaun.

Actually, there are two differences. A Sasquatch has big feet, hence the name "Bigfoot", and that a leprechaun has wee little feet.

The other difference is that Sasquatch is the figment of the active imagination of people like Bobo. Leprechauns, in contrast, are real.

Leprechauns have been around in Ireland for thousands of years. And there is at least one leprechaun in New Mexico, and I'm going to tell you about him shortly.

Leprechaun comes from two old Irish words - l� meaning small and orp�n meaning body. They are very mysterious creatures. They are thought to descend from Tuatha D� or Tribe of the Gods.
Some say that they leprechaun is the offspring of an evil spirit and a degenerate fairy. This may or may not be true. If it is, then it is proof that girls just want to have more fun.

There are several curious facts about leprechauns. One is that there is absolutely no evidence of there ever being a female leprechaun. All leprechauns are male.

Also, there is no evidence of leprechauns being capable of asexual reproduction -- which wouldn't be much fun anyway.

So if there are no women leprechauns, and if asexual reproduction is not an option, where did the leprechauns come from? Maybe the legend of the evil spirits and degenerate fairies isn't so farfetched.

Since most fairies are straight-laced, proper women, there are few degenerate fairies reproducing with evil spirits. That explains why there are so few leprechauns.

Those that do exist have been around a long, long time. They are, with very few exceptions, old men. Very old men. Perhaps a thousand years old.

Small old men. They are not the wee characters portrayed in cartoons or Lucky Charms commercials. They are about the size of young boys. Three feet tall or so.

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