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The Hutchison family moved from Scotland to Ireland in the 1600s. Cyrus Hutchison was born in 1690 in Carrickfergus. He married Margaret Lisle, who was likewise born in County Antrim from parents who were born in Scotland.

Cyrus and Margaret had a daughter Elizabeth, born in Ireland in 1737.

The Jackson family also left Scotland in the late 1600s. Hugh Jackson became a linen weaver and merchant in Carrickfergus. Hugh was born in Ireland, from parents born in Scotland.

Hugh Jackson had four sons, all born in Ireland. This third son was named Andrew.

Andrew Jackson married Elizabeth Hutchison in Belfast in 1760. Andrew and Elizabeth lived in Carrickfergus. They had three sons - Hugh, Robert and Andrew. The entire family moved to United States in 1760.

Hugh and Robert were both born in Ireland. Young Andrew's place of birth is somewhat of a mystery. Some evidence suggests that he too was born Ireland. Other says North Carolina. There is even a hint that he was born over the Atlantic Ocean, while his family migrated from Ireland to North Carolina.

The elder Andrew was killed while young Andrew a boy. The eldest son Hugh Jackson died of heat exhaustion while serving in an American regiment in the Revolutionary War.

Robert and young Andrew also served in the Revolutionary army. Andrew was only 13 when he enlisted. Robert and Andrew were captured by the British during the war, and both were imprisoned. Robert died of small pox while in prison.

Young Andrew survived the war but carried a scar from a beating given to him from a British officer. Andrew's mother Elizabeth died of cholera during the war. Young Andrew was the family's only survivor of the Revolutionary War.

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