The Mutant Pooka of Kildare

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This is an original story, written by me in October, 2018, which I will no doubt tell to children in 2019 and thereafter.

A young man named Feachra, in days gone by, left Dublin to visit his friend in County Kildare. His friend lived near the village of Lullymore. This was a long ride from Dublin, but Fiachra was anxious to see his friend. He hoped to make the journey in a single day.

He left Dublin early in the morning and made quite a distance by late afternoon. He was well into County Kildare and didn’t think he was terribly far from Lullymore. He came to a crossroads but then became a bit confused. Should he bear to the left, or should he bear to the right? He had been on this road before, but could not remember which path was correct. The correct path, whichever that was, would take him to his friend before the end of the day. The incorrect path would take him who knows where.

A public house was located just where the road from Dublin met the crossroads. The signs above the door read “Peadar’s Public House” and “Visitors Welcome”. Fiachra thought it wise to stop for directions and, while he was at it, quench his thirst. His horse needed a rest as well.

Fiachra sat at a table in the public house and Peadar himself brought over a mug of beer, before Fiachra even asked for one. Fiachra said “go raibh maith agat” [thank you], then raised his glass and said “slainte” [health].

Peadar asked: “Where are you heading to, if I might be so bold as to ask?”

“I’m on the way from Dublin to visit a friend who lives near Lullymore. I stopped here since I was not certain which way I should go. Should I take the road to the left or the road to the right?” asked Fiachra.

“You must take the road to the left. It will take you to Lullymore directly,” said Peadar. “The road to the right will not.”

“Thank you for your kindness. I shall be leaving as soon as I finish my mug,” said Fiachra.

“Oh, but you cannot be leaving for Lullymore now,” exclaimed Peadar. “You still have several hours to travel and you will never make it before dark.”

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