ClanDonnell Mess With Texas Tour

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The Mess With Texas Book Tour
ClanDonnell will tour the State of Texas in March, 2014 in a cultural effort to share Irish history and a mercenary effort to sell books.

The tour will take a week or two. The highlight in Texas will be the South Texas Alamo Irish Festival on March 8th in San Antonio.

The tour is taking us beyond Texas and into Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis,Tennessee, and we're not coming home to Michigan until after St. Patrick's Day!

We're still booking other events, including appearances at bookstores, libraries, cultural organizations, and, needless to say, Irish pubs. We're still firming up times and places, and we'll add posts as logistics are worked out, etc., etc.

The flag pin shown above, with the state flag of Texas and the tri-color flag of Ireland, is actually available for sale at Promex This is a German company that sells a variety of country-state combination friendship pins. Click here for the crossed flag pins website.