ClanDonnell's Ohio

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We may never have a formal "ClanDonnell Ohio Book Tour", but we will be going to and through Ohio from time to time.

In fact, it's difficult (but possible) to leave Michigan by car without going through Ohio.

We'll post each trip and event separately in this section so that Buckeyes can keep track of the doings of ClanDonnell.

Here's a pondering, though. Is it correct to say 'Buckeyes', or must one say 'The Buckeyes'?

Where does the name 'Ohio' come from?

It comes from two Iroquois words - Ohi - yo - which mean 'Great River'. I suspect the river was named first, and the state named after the river. It is a pretty impressive river, by the way.

The image in the corner is an Ohio shamrock shot glass. One can actually buy such a thing at this website.