March Madness Tour

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Our March 2015
We'll trip out in Michigan, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma and Kentucky -- before, during and after St. Patrick's Day 2015.

Our March Madness tour starts in February and ends in April, which makes perfect sense to us. In February, we're at the Gaelic League in Detroit and the Historical Museum in Elk Rapids, and in April we're at Bluefrog Books in Howell. All in Michigan.

First stop in March is Uncharted Books in Chicago, March 10th.

While in Chicago, we're paying a visit to the Irish American Heritage Center. The center is the sponsor of all things Irish in Chicago, including the annual Irish Fest in July. We taking a tour of the center and see what we can line up in the future. The center is in the photograph on the right.

Visit the Irish American Heritage Center and the Center's Irish Fest websites. This year's Irish Fest is July 10, 11 and 12, 2015.

We will wrap up of March tour of Chicago at the Celtic Knot Pub in Evanston. We're performing there on the 12th.

From Chicago, we're heading back to Traverse City for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 14th. You will never guess who was selected as the parade's Grand Marshall.

We can't stay at the post-parade party very long, since we're off to Bookmamas in Indianapolis for a Sunday afternoon book signing event on March 15th.

We can't stay in Indianapolis for too long either. We're heading further south to Memphis and a two-day gig at Celtic Crossing - Monday the 16th and St. Patrick's Day the 17th.

We have another return engagement - at The Best of Books in Edmond, Oklahoma, on March 18.

And then Louisville, Kentucky, for a story telling session at A Reader's Corner on March 20th.

And we'll wrap up our March Madness with a stop in Decatur, Indiana, for story telling and book signing at Next Page Bookstore & More on March 21st.

As should be apparent, we didn't want to stay home during the St. Patrick's Day holiday season.