Battle Creek Books

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Story Telling in Battle Creek

We had a wonderful time at Battle Creek Books last year, and we are anxious to return.

We were a bit more historical last time, and this year we promise to be entirely whimsical. We have a full repertoire of yarns and will try some of these out before a Battle Creek audience.

The event is a Facebook special event, check out special event link.

I've always wondered if there was a battle at a creek somewhere near the present-day Battle Creek. It turns out there was, or at least sort of. The federal government sent surveyors to the area in the winter of 1823-1824. All but two members of the surveying team left the camp to do something, presumably to survey, leaving two members at camp. Two Potawatomis raided the camp, and the battle was between two surveyors and to Potawatomis.

One Potawatomi was wounded and the other captured. But the encounter was enough to convince the surveyors that it was time to quit surveying. The surveyors didn't return until the Governor settled the matter with the Potawatomi tribe.

The event has generated a wee bit of local buzz, with notices in:
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