News Center Easton

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Easton, Maryland
We're traveling to the birthplace of Frederick Douglas - Talbot County, Maryland

ClanDonnell will make its first venture into Maryland - along the Chesapeake Bay no less. We'll be telling stories at News Center in Easton.

News Center is Easton (and Maryland's) best source for books, cards, magazines, and ClanDonnell. It has a coffee bar as well.

Frederick Douglas' birthplace is honored with more than one historical marker in Talbot County. The problem, though, is that the markers are in the wrong place. Douglas' actual place of birth was thoroughly researched and documented in an Honor's English report by a 7th grade student. The student, Amanda Barker, did her research and report in 1995 - the centennial of the death of Frederick Douglas.

In honor of Douglas, Ebony magazine encouraged its readers to visit his birthplace - to celebrate Black History Month twelve months per year. Young Amanda lived nearby, sought to visit Douglas' birthplace, and soon realized the existing sources were wrong. She followed up with her research, discovered the actual birthplace, and wrote it in her report. You can read her report, and follow her investigation, at this site and at Amanda's website.

I've yet to pick out my stories for News Center Easton. I will likely include the story about the Frederick Douglas Ireland Project. It's too fascinating to pass up.

Thanks to Easton's Star Democrat and to the Anne Arundel County Firefighters Emerald Society for publicizing the event.