Mountain Vista Music

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ClanDonnell's One Man Show
"An Hour of Irish Storytelling" with David McDonnell, at Moriarty, New Mexico's Mountain Vista Music.

We'll be doing a one-man show, entitled "An Hour of Irish Storytelling", on Sunday, October 2nd. The venue is Mountain Vista Music, just off historic Route 66 in Moriarty, New Mexico.

This venue, we're told, has a panoramic view of four mountain ranges. Weather permitting, we'll be on the new outside deck. If weather doesn't cooperate, we'll be indoors - and we'll have to look at the mountains through the windows.

Mountain Vista Music brings New Mexico a fascinating new concept - the house concert. Musicians perform in the intimate setting of someone's living room or patio to a small but attentive audience. It's far different from a performance at auditorium or bar.

We met the proprietors, Karen and Marin Ziegler, last Spring in Albuquerque, and we all had the same idea at the same time: If house concerts work for musicians, why not storytellers?

And so, we'll be doing an hour of storytelling. We'll pull out some of our tried and true stories, and throw in a new one or two.

Some food will be served, homemade by our hosts, but the event will be potluck. BYO, as we used to say.

The stories will be followed by the music of Robyn Mackenzie. You can check out her music at and

Here’s a link to check out some event publicity.