Doyle's Public House

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Tacoma's Best Irish Pub
We were here in 2014 and we are back!

We'll tell some old Irish yarns, and perhaps some legends or two. We're scheduled for three sets of 20 minutes each, starting at about 5:30 pm.

In between, patrons will be treated to tastes of some of Ireland's best whiskey. The whiskey tasting is hosted by William Grant & Sons, distillers of Tullamore Dew and several brands of Scotch.

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Since we will be tasting distilled beverages from both Ireland and Scotland, we may need to clarify spellings. The correct spelling of such a beverage in Ireland is 'uisce' in the Irish language and 'whiskey' in English.

In Scotland, it is 'uisge' in Gaelic and 'whisky' in English.

What a difference an 'E' makes.

Thanks to the News Tribune for putting us on Tacoma's community calendar. And to The Olympian for including the event on its 'Things To Do' page.

Both photographs by Linda McDonnell.