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Boyce McClain has been writing reviews of books, movies, comics, video games, and all sorts of collectibles for over 20 years. He’s generated quite a following at his website, Boyce McClain’s Collectors’ Corner. He’s become our new best friend ever since he wrote some incredibly nice words about ClanDonnell. boyce mcclain

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Here are some highlights:

”Although there are many books about Ireland few delve into the heart and soul of its people and history. ClanDonnell is one such book, by writer David K. McDonnell.
Casting aside dry academic descriptions of places, people and times past the book looks through the eyes of the McDonnell Clan and their descendants and cuts to the bone and sinew as to what made the Ireland it is today.
(T)he book tells the tales of Ireland in a totally unique and engrossing way.”

clandonald heritageClan Donald Heritage is the first internet site to publish a book review of ClanDonnell: A Storied History of Ireland. Visit Clan Donald Heritage The reviewer noted: “I am just commencing my read, and have already found it hard to set down.Click here for the full book review.

ClanDonnell should be added to Irish Central’s “top ten list of must read books for Irish-Americans”. Or so says San Antonio’ Harp & Shamrock book review. The full review is shown on the upper right, and is at the Harp & Shamrock Harp Strings newsletter, Winter 2014.