Live At 9

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Memphis TV Channel 3
ClanDonnell tries to be Live most of the time. But it will most assuredly be Live at 9.

Live at 9 is a Memphis, Tennessee, television show airing on WREG Channel 3 - the Memphis CBS affiliate. I've never watched it, but its website says:

"Each Monday through Friday at 9am, we bring you the latest news, music, weather and happenings in the MidSouth. We pride ourselves on putting a spotlight on those who may get overlooked on the daily news."

ClanDonnell is one of those who gets overlooked on the daily news, and one of those who could use a spotlight.

The solution? Put ClanDonnell on Live at 9!!!

And that's what Live at 9 will do - shine the spotlight on ClanDonnell on Friday, March 14th. We don't know when, but suspect it will be at 9:00 am or shortly thereafter.

If you're in the range for Memphis television, please tune in. If not, you may be able to catch the act Channel 3's live stream.

Live at 9 is anchored by Marybeth Conley, who will off to her clan gathering on the 14th. The show will be hosted by an able (and yet unnamed) substitute.

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And to see the broadcast itself, here is a link to the Live at 9 interview.