ClanDonnell The Video

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Coeus Creative Group
Storytelling for the Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan on video!

We did over an hour of storytelling for the Irish Genealogical Society of Michigan. In a rare moment of wisdom, we had the entire performance professionally recorded.

We found the best professionals at Coeus Creative Group. Coeus does a variety of things for enterprises, including training and development, coaching, marketing and design, and strategy. Its motto is We use behavioral intelligence to drive marketing results and improve human performance.

We’re not sure precisely what that means, but we do know it includes putting together a professional video to market the services of an Irish storyteller.

The rough cut of the video is at this link, but you will need a password to gain access. Send us an email, at, or use the contact page, and let us know why you want to see it. We’ll give the password straight away. (We’re not posting the video for general consumption until it moves from “rough cut” to “final cut”.)