Traverse City Senior Center

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St. Patrick's Day 2017
Grand Traverse Senior Center Network was foolish enough to book ClanDonnell to speak to the seniors on St. Patrick's Day. This may be regretted.

The newest member of Clan Donnell is expected in early March in County Oakland, Michigan. So we decided not to schedule a multi-state St. Patrick’s Day tour this year. Instead, we’ll spend the St. Paddy's holiday season locally.

And what better way to spend St. Patrick’s Day itself than lunch with the seniors!

We’ll tell some Irish stories to the senior citizens of Grand Traverse County’s Senior Center Network. It’s scheduled for Friday, March 17, 2017 at lunch time. Sometime during or after lunch, we’ll regale the audience with some Irish yarns.

The best thing about this event is that it will keep us out of the pubs until after lunch.

Check out the Senior Center Network website and like and share the center on Facebook.

No sooner did I post this, when I received two more invitations from the Senior Center Network. It seems I’ll be doing lunch with the seniors in Kingsley on Wednesday, March 15, and lunch with more seniors in Interlochen on Thursday, March 16.

That makes it three senior lunches in a row, each followed by Irish stories - all in a single St. Paddy’s Day week!