Ethanology Distillery

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Elk Rapids St. Patrick's Day
ClanDonnell told a few stories at the local distillery for St. Paddy's Day 2018!

Ethanology is a relatively new enterprise in town, but it has already become a ClanDonnell favorite. They make a wonderful array of alcoholic beverages, which was exactly what this community needed.

I love this statement on the Ethanology website: ”Every drop of Ethanology is authentically crafted. Every grain, botanical, and ounce of honey is locally sourced. Every batch, manically synthesized. One at a time. Every time.”

They spell Ethanology with an upside down ? instead of the ‘g’. I’d spell it that was as well if I had such a character on my keyboard. Turning my laptop upside down might work, but I have yet to try it.

We did a one-hour set St. Patrick’s Day afternoon to a full house. We pulled out some tried and true stories, plus added a new one. I wrote the “Clockwinder” the week before, and told it publicly for the first time. In light of the response, it will likely become part of the ClanDonnell repertoire.

That’s Ethanology owners Nick and Geri in the top photo. The bottom photo is of my compensation for the event. I may never have been better paid.