St. Ignace Public Library

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Why The Great Hunger?

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We’ll be at the St. Ignace Public Library on February 6, 2019, at 7:00 pm. We’ll impart a wee bit of knowledge upon the good folks in and around St. Ignace.

The topic is “Why The Great Hunger”, subtitled “Why Are There So Many Irish-Americans”. We’ll talk about the conditions of Ireland leading up to the potato famine, and why the famine was so calamitous to the Irish people.

Check out the library’s web site and Facebook page.

ClanDonnell and the clan live over an hour south of the Mackinac Bridge, and St. Ignace is on the north side of the bridge. This event means a bridge crossing, which can be treacherous in the winter. Let’s hope February 6 is a nice sunny day!

Here’s a link to the Library’s announcement of the program. And to TV 6 Fox UP for its announcement of the program.

AND The Sault News of Sault Ste. Marie ran a nice feature on ClanDonnell for the St. Ignace program as well. It also ran on the Sault Evening News’ Facebook page.

We had a small but enthusiastic audience on a cold night in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The St. Ignace patrons were wonderful, as was the staff of the St. Ignace Public Library. The audience left the library with, we hope, a better understanding of Ireland’s Great Hunger and of their Irish ancestry.

St Ignace sign
Photograph by Linda McDonnell