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Leesburg, Virginia
ClanDonnell joins Leesburg's "First Friday" events!

ClanDonnell will tell some tales, and sell some books, at Books and Other Found Things in Leesburg, Virginia. It will be ClanDonnell’s first Virginia event!

We’re scheduled for Friday, May 3, 2019. This is, not-coincidentally, the first Friday in May and will thus be part of historic Leesburg’s First Friday downtown event. We’re looking forward to it.

Visit Books and Other Found Things.

An Update: Leesburg is yet another historic town visited on our tour. Robert E. Lee even stayed here on his way to Antietam.

It was Leesburg’s First Friday, although the crowd was down a wee bit. The weatherman predicted a huge thunderstorm and many folks chose to stay home. The weatherman was right about the intensity of the storm, but a little off on the time and place. It didn’t rain at all while we were in Leesburg and we started our long drive home after the event.

As soon as we crossed the Potomac River into Maryland we hit one of the worst thunderstorms I had ever seen. It continued until we passed the Pennsylvania line.

We had a good time in Leesburg, though, and met some wonderful folks. Told some stories and sold some books as well.