Michigan Irish Music Festival

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Muskegon, Michigan
September 12th through 15th, 2019

We are invited back, yet again, to the Michigan Irish Music Festival for 2019. Of course we’re going.

The festival already has a brilliant lineup of entertainment, and now it has a storyteller to round up the list.

The festival is again at Heritage Landing, along the shoreline of Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan in downtown Muskegon

We’re on the schedule for two sets. On Saturday at 4:45 pm, we’ll talk about “Ireland North and South”. This is a discussion of the north-south division of Ireland, including the demographics, politics, and economics of the North in the 20th Century and earlier, the violence of the Troubles during the 1960s and beyond, the peace and fragile resolution of the Troubles. This leads into the fascinating question of what happens to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland after United Kingdom’s Brexit from the European Union.

On Sunday at 1:15 pm, we’ll do “An Hour of Irish Storytelling”, and we’ll tell several of our favorite, entertaining yarns.

Both events are on the Sligo Stage.

Many thanks to Michigan Storytelling for publicizing our storytelling in its September 2019 newsletter.

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