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We did our “Ireland North and South” talk on Saturday and were a wee bit surprised at the audience. I added this topic to my “menu” since I’ve noticed considerable misunderstanding among Americans as to the division of Ireland. I also wanted to talk about the effect of Brexit on the relationship between the two Irelands.

I was on the money as to the misunderstanding, and received audience reaction was wonderful. But the audience had even less understanding than I had thought. Fortunately, I started the talk with the Ulster Plantations of the 1600s before bring everything up to date. Several people commented that they had never had the issue explained to them in such a fashion. Those type of comments make my day!

We discussed Brexit, although I mentioned that the issue changed day-by-day and even hour-by-hour. I spent much of the day on-line getting the latest news on the whole sordid affair. I told the audience not to worry about the latest details, but hopefully I gave them a context in which to analyze the news.

I had a packed tent on Saturday. Sunday was a much smaller crowd, which was perhaps to be expected for a 1:15 pm start time – that, plus the clouds suggested that a storm was brewing. Turned out to be a wonderful day nonetheless.

David Muskegon
David at the Michigan Irish Music Festival. Photograph by Linda McDonnell.

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