Finger Lakes Celtic Games & Festival

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Farmington, New York
Our first New York Festival!

We’ve been invited to the annual Finger Lakes Celtic Games & Festival in Farmington, New York. Of course, we said yes.

Coincidentally, ClanDonnell is a graduate of Farmington High School, although the high school is in Michigan. Michigan’s Farmington was founded by Arthur Power, originally from Farmington, New York. Power was a Quaker and recruited more New York Quakers to move to Michigan with him. The community was first known as “Quakertown”, but later changed to “Farmington”.

We’ve never been to New York’s Farmington and are looking forward to it.

May 12 update:
The Finger Lakes folks waited to the last minute, but bowed to the inevitable. The festival is cancelled. I look forward to 2021!