Twenty Twenty-one Tour

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The Tour for 2021
This will be the post-pandemic tour, or at least we hope!

2020 was a year for us all to forget. Let’s hope everyone, across the country, does the right thing so that we will be closer to normal in 2121.

I started bookings early in 2020, naively thinking that festival organizers had nothing else to do since every festival anywhere on the planet had been cancelled.

I am receiving responses, and the “for sures” will be listed on this page. I also found that not everyone is optimistic about 2021 (and, for that matter, neither am I). Many festivals are holding off on planning until the coronavirus more under control.

We did NOT do everything we could have in 2020, and we will continue to pay the price in 2021!

Thus far in 2021:


Finger Lakes Celtic Games & Festival, Farmington, New York